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About Reclaimed Lumber and Beams:
A Passion for North Carolina Reclaimed Wood

My partner Ronny Munday and I have a combined 70+ years experience in sourcing, purchasing and selling in the lumber industry. We have witnessed firsthand the unique appeal as well as the environmental benefits of putting these reclaimed and rustic materials back into new residential and commercial construction projects.

Ronny and I all take pride in our hands-on approach at selecting, accurately describing and shipping material to our customers. Orders as small as 100 bd ft or full tractor trailer loads are all shipped with confidence. Tell us what you are looking for, give us your specifications. Visit our warehouse and store in Lenoir North Carolina and personally choose material for your particular project. Ask for help in finding the rustic recycled material for your customer or for yourself.

The primary reason we embarked on this venture is to make this coveted material easier to specify, purchase and receive. We are lumber guys, we love the wood! Our customers can be confident that each order will be exactly what they envisioned and requested.

The History of Our Reclaimed Wood

When the first settlers arrived on the eastern shore of the New World over 500 years ago, the vast forests in what would become America were thick with virgin old growth timber.  

Massive American Chestnut trees grew in abundance in a vast area that would someday become the State of Maine to the Mississippi. Chestnut Lumber became a choice variety for construction from cabins and barns, to fences and factories. In the early 1900’s, an Asian blight killed an estimated four billion chestnut trees, leaving this a rare and valuable lumber variety.

The Long-Leaf Pine was another choice lumber material in Colonial times.  Studies have shown that hundreds of years ago over 100 million acres of virgin pine forest stretched across the Southeastern U.S.  Many of these pines were over 500 years old, often growing only one inch in twenty years, when they were initially cut down some 200 yrs ago. They were prized then, as the lumber is now, for their tight growth rings and heavy resin content which has made them extremely strong and able to last a very long time.

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