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Local Reclaimed Wood Sourcing

Our reclaimed wood is locally sourced from North Carolina and the surrounding areas. We are located in Lenoir, NC and we specialize in finding local structures with salvageable wood. We hunt for barns, smoke houses, cabins and everything in between to find the perfect lumber. The lumber we find is often over 100 years old and hand hewn by craftsmen from that era.

We reuse every part of the historical structures we find including tin siding, rusted nails, doors, siding, even the stone foundations. Every one of our products is an authentic part of the local history. Please visit us and let us help you put your hands on the past, a true piece of Americana.

Whatever your inspiration, your ideas, your needs, bring them to Reclaimed Lumber and Beams large inventory of salvaged lumber pieces and start the design process. We are preserving the history of the wood, join us in that great experience.